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soal tentang expression

sering kali kita merasa binggung dengan apa yang diajarkan guru kita, agar lebih paham maka kita sebaiknya mengerjakan latihan soal seperti soal di bawah ini :

1.       Fitha : Excuse me. I don't think ... you before. My name's Fitha.
Marshall : Nice to meet you. I'm Bev Marshall.
A. I saw you .
B. I need to talk
C. I have met you
D. I should contact you
2.       Fatin I : What does our new English teacher look like?
Nana : ... He is fit to be a model.
A. He has a new car.
B. He is nice and wise.
C. He looks happy.
D. He's tall and slim.
3.       Caller : Hello. ...?
Nita : I'm sorry, he is out. Could you call back at four?
Caller : All right. Thank you.
A. Could you speak to Mr. Aziz, please
B. Can I take a message from you
C. Could I speak to Mr. Aziz, please
D. Would you like to call him again
4.       Receptionist : Family Restaurant. Can I help you?
Bunga : Yes, please. ... for next Saturday evening.
Receptionist : I'm afraid we can't. We're fully booked this month.
A. I need to reserve a room
B. I want to book a ticket
C. I'd like to reserve two tables
D. I really need your help
5.       Receptionist : Good morning. May I help you?
Risa : Yes. My name is Risa and I have an appointment with Dr. Ibrahim at 10 o'clock.
Secretary : Sorry, ...
A. He is treating a patient at the moment
B. He was talking on the phone
C. He is out of town
D. He was still on the way
6.       Titi : It's already lunch time. I feel like starving.
Danu : Let's eat at the cafeteria, then.
Titi : ...I'm rather bored with the food there.
A. Why don't we have something different?
B. What about having lunch together?
C. How about dinner?
D. Let's not eat anywhere else.
7.       Rani : Rafi, what did you usually do when you were in London?
Rafi : ...
A. I use to play tennis with my father.
B. I usually drink English tea for breakfast.
C. I used to walk down the road in the afternoon.
D. I sometimes go to the movies with some friends.
8.       Sam : How much is that new Toyota?
Salesperson : It's $ 4,700, tax included.
Sam :..,.. I can't afford it.
A. The cost is low
B. That's cheap enough
C. That's too expensive
D. The price is quite reasonable
9.       Nahya : ..... Raisha, our new staff?
Budi : Oh, yes. I am her yesterday. Hi, Raisha. How are you doing?
Raisha : Hi, Budi. I'm doing fine, Thanks. How are you?
A. Have you met
B. Do you know about
C. Do you want to meet
D. Are you going to meet

10.    Taufiq : Happy Travel, Taufiq speaking.
Olga : Hello, Mr. Taufiq. This is Olga ...
Taufiq : Oh, yes, Miss Olga. I hope you and your family will have a wonderful time.
Olga : Thank you. We are very excited.
A. I am sad to tell you the truth
B. I liked to talk about the ticket service
C. I am disappointed with the service last night
D. I am calling to confirm my trip to Disneyland
11.    Mela : I have already put the letter here. What's next?
Bowo : Do you see the "start" button on the machine? If you press it, ...
Mela : Oh, yes. Thank you.
A. you will see the next instruction
B. you would see the next instruction
C. you would see the next instruction
D. you would have seen the next instruction
12.    Fahri : You've got a big bonus and incentives, haven't you? ...? I'm hungry.
Vita : Okay, where do you usually have lunch?
A. Why didn't you tell me
B. Why don't you treat me
C. C Why didn't you eat lunch
D. Why must we wait for them
13.    Adrian : What does a chef do exactly?
Manager : He supervises the preparation and service of the food from the kitchen to the dining room, arranges the menu and ...
A. carry away the dirty dishes to the pantry.
B. taking care of cleanliness of the kitchen.
C. served drinks to the table in the bar.
D. tastes the food for correct seasoning.
14.    Psychologist : What can you say about your childhood?
Client : I'll always remember my sweet time when I was still young. My friends and I loved to play in a small field near our houses and ... our bicycles together.
A. we will ride
B. we're riding
C. we used to ride
D. we will use to ride
15.    A : I want to invite you to come to my house this evening.
B : I'll be glad to. What is it? Your engagement?
A : No, I've a picnic sated a Jakarta University. Do
16.    come between 07.00 PM. to 09.00 PM. There'll be some other friends coming in high.
What is the girl going to hold in her house?
A. an engagement party
B. a university party
C. a celebration party
D. a senior high farewell party
17.    If you ... some more clothes, you'll be broke again.
A. buying
B. bought
C. buys
D. buy
18.    The lady ... daughter is missing looks nervous.
A. who
B. that
C. whom
D. whose
19.    I ... her a message that I would be late.
A. got
B. sent
C. received
D. approved

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